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Landfill (Transfer Station) Punch Cards


The Bolivar Road Landfill is open Fridays and Saturdays From 7:10AM - 3:00 PM

The County Landfill Buyea Road Transfer Station is open Tuesday through Saturday 7:10AM - 3:00PM

Punchcards for the transfer station are sold out of our office and are available for $13.00 each with 5 punches on each card. For more information call the Madison County landfill  at

(315)361-8408 or the Bolivar Road Transfer Station during their hours of operation (315)687-6876 .

Bolivar Road Transfer Station
Phone: (315)687-6876
Madison County Transfer Station
Buyea Rd
Phone: (315) 361-8408

q          Household Hazardous Waste Program

This is an ongoing program for residents of Madison County. Residents can dispose of paint, chemicals, herbicide, insecticides, polishes, gasoline, automotive products and more through this user-friendly program. This program allows disposal of Household Hazardous Waste Monday through Friday all year long with an appointment.  As a resident of the county the first 14 wet gallons and 20 dry pounds of hazardous materials can be disposed of for free. Register on line at –click on Hazardous Waste form on the menu bar or Call 1-800-721-2208 for an application form and appointment

q          Electronic Waste Disposal Program

Residents can now recycle televisions and computer monitors at any of the County’s three transfer stations or at the Buyea Rd. Convenience Station. Using the punch card system, computer monitors and laptops are two punches, televisions are three punches. Computer towers or boxes, known as CPUs, and printers may be tossed into the scrap-metal bins; there is no charge for recycling these items. Computer keyboards and mice are not yet part of the recycling program and may be tossed as trash. Televisions and computer monitors are now part of the County’s mandatory recycling program and are banned from the landfill.

q          Cell Phones

Cell phones can be recycled at any of the County’s transfer stations or at the Buyea Rd. Convenience Station. Ask the transfer station attendant where you should place the cell phones for recycling. Please do not place cell phones in your recycling bin or put them out at the curb with your other recyclables! Cell phones must be recycled at the transfer stations!